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Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure is to conduct research associated with constructing, expanding, maintaining, and rehabilitating all aspects of physical infrastructure. The center facilitates and leads multi-disciplinary, collaborative programs and explores linkages between different infrastructure systems that are traditionally studied in separate specialty areas. The center is particularly focused on the safe and efficient creation of resilient infrastructure, including assessment of infrastructure condition, vulnerability, and recovery from disaster.

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UA Sees Major Increases in R&D Partnerships with Industry

Over the past three years, annual funding from industry partners with The University of Alabama increased nearly 500%, creating opportunities for students while bringing innovation and job growth to the state.

A view of the Engineering buildings during summer

UA engineers build structure that could survive a natural disaster

A building has now been made to survive the impact of an earthquake, and possibly a hurricane. UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA engineers built a two-story structure to stand strong in the wake of...

A view of the Engineering buildings during summer

UA engineers study wind loads

Engineers with The University of Alabama have been studying wind loads and their effects on structures long before Hurricanes Harvey and Irma formed in the Gulf. The School of Engineering...